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It has been my pleasure to watch the improvement in English of our students in the last years. We have increased the weekly tuition to 10 hours in Primary, implemented conversation classes in Primary and Secondary, organised several activities like Video Conferencing with Rushe Middle School in Florida, Chagrin Falls in Ohio, 5 week trips to Ireland, hired a fantastic group of teachers with several natives like Ashley, Stephanie, Zoe, Charlotte, Rebecca, Amber,… and making sure the Spanish ones also shared a passion for teaching this language.

In 2014 we introduced the Vaughan method, a proven practical approach to learning English. The splitting of groups to have smaller numbers in conversation classes with natives has proven a success.

In the last few years we have had fantastic results with Trinity Exams. We also introduced bilingual Education in Infantil (3-5 years), which has truly astonished parents with their kids progress. We are visited every year by University students of Oxford, Bath, Exeter, Newcastle …to help our students get used to oral English spoken by true natives.

We are constantly looking for ways to further improve the phenomenal English level of our students.

Fernando Semprun